About Lob

Lob’s vision is to make the offline world programmable. We offer two flagship APIs (Print & Mail and Address Verification) that enable companies to send postal mail as effortlessly as sending emails. Lob is venture-backed by the most reputable investors in tech, and we are rapidly growing our team to shape the future of our company and meet the demands of a quickly growing customer base and dynamic product offerings.

Lob is committed to using its platform to create social impact, which is why Lob.org exists. Our key focus areas are racial justice, civic action, and sustainability. Read more about what we’re doing at programs.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Lob

Lob has a Diversity and Inclusion Working group that meets regularly to define, advocate for, and execute actionable ways to make Lob’s culture more diverse and inclusive. We’re proud to say that Lob won the 2019 Timmy Awards - Best Tech Workplace for Diversity, Community Favorite in the Bay Area. Here is the group’s charter:

- Create and execute programs that foster inclusion and belonging, and that celebrates our different backgrounds and heritages - D&I is serious business and there are tons of problematic issues to address. But we also host and fund events that help us celebrate our diversity and our differences, too. - Examples: - Annual Pride programming - Inclusion chalkboard - Food From Your Childhood Potluck - Humans of Lob - Educate Lobsters on how to contribute positively to a multicultural and diverse environment - Nobody is born woke. We design programs that educate the rest of the org on how to behave inclusively. - Examples: - Pronouns project - Support function-led initiatives that increase diversity and inclusion - We don't exclusively own D&I at Lob—specific functions, such as Recruiting, are actively working with us too. When they have initiatives to deliver on, they are able to turn to the DIWG for advice, feedback, and volunteers. - Examples: - Tech Jobs Tour - Feedback on People Ops's Employee Demographic Survey - Advocate for systemic change that reduces bias and unfairness - Bias and unfairness can unintentionally become baked into the processes and social systems that companies like Lob use to operate their businesses. The DIWG is a place to proactively highlight and advocate for change that we believe will create a more inclusive business. - Examples: - Advocating for D&I training for managers and employees - Hold space for difficult D&I topics - The DIWG platform meetings are a safe space to raise difficult D&I-related topics that may not have another official "home" for discussion at Lob.