About Nrwl

Nrwl was founded by two of Google’s former Angular team members with the goal of helping companies develop and scale their projects as efficiently and painlessly as possible. Our open source build framework, Nx, is one of the leading monorepo-style development tools.

What makes us different from many companies is that we build new tools and improve existing tools to help companies scale and modernize their development practices. We mentor and partner with our clients to make them successful and contribute to open-source projects and important content in the ecosystem. Join us!

We are looking for experienced Angular and React engineers and professionals in the development ecosystem who love programming, love working on large projects, and can work independently without supervision.

You will spend one day a week—and some entire weeks—of your time on open source work, our own products, or contributing to other Nrwl initiatives. You will spend the rest of your time working with Fortune 500 companies helping them use our tools, helping them build software that scales like Google, and helping them with their Angular and React applications. This involves mentoring and developing alongside client teams.