Beginner UI & Angular Workshop

Beginner UI & Angular Workshop A workshop for UI and Angular beginners alike. Let's pull down the Tour of Heroes app (written by John Papa and found throughout the Angular docs) and give it a UI upgrade! All you will need is a laptop and your favorite data set (mine, of course, will be ponies.)   - Dive into the Tour of Heroes demo application like never before! - Learn about integrating SASS into your Angular Project. - Learn how to include a Component Library into your Project. (We will be using Kendo UI but the principles to implement a UI Library are pretty universal.) - Play around with customizing styles and writing custom CSS from scratch. - Go over UI/UX principles and implement them on the fly. - Take part in UI challenges throughout the Workshop and win prizes!   Install Instructions   Feel free to clone down my version of The Tour of Heroes:  It can be found throughout the Angular docs and is a wonderful learning resource. The README has all the instructions you should need. This is my forked version that has the latest Angular version. There will be prizes for best use of a Kendo UI Component and other categories, so make sure you have the repo installed and running!