Software Engineering

Cloud Native Delivery Patterns

Friday, September 16, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

DevOps, or Cloud Native CI/CD, is a very buzzword rich toolset heavy space. To a company that is new or an older more established company looking to improve their software delivery cycle this space can be overwhelming. Much like the "javascript library per day" joke it seems there is a new cloud native ci/cd toolchain every day. The mistake many make is finding a very cool tool and building a process around that tool, instead of first understanding the available processes (or "patterns") available. Inspired by the "Gang of Four" (aka "Design Patterns"), in this session we will document and present the available Software Delivery design patterns in the Cloud Native technology space. Companies and engineers looking to wrap their head around this very tool-heavy space will leave with a better understanding of the available approaches to cloud native CI/CD and how it might fit their specific needs.



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