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Fighting AI bias with...bias

Friday, September 16, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

Fight AI bias with…bias Noble Ackerson President, CyberXR and Director of AI/ML Products, Ventera Corporation   I know, the title of this talk is like saying the only way to stop a bad Terminator is to use a good Terminator but hear me out.   Human biases influence the outputs of an AI model. AI amplifies bias and socio-technical harms impact fairness, adoption, safety, and the well being.  These harms disproportionately affect legally protected classes of individuals and groups in the United States.    It’s so fitting that this year's theme for International Women’s day was #BreakTheBias so join Noble as he expands on the topic of bias, techniques to de-bias datasets by example for building intelligent systems that are fair and equitable while increasing trust and adoption.   References - “Fighting Bias with Bias” {link} (2022) Noble Ackerson - Aiming for truth, fairness, and equity in your company’s use of AI (2021) - EU Proposal for a Regulation on Artificial Intelligence (2021)



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