Culture & Community

Straight No Chaser Advice Office Hours

12:00 PM - 12:20 PM

Since developing the Profit Without Oppression Economic Theory, the most formable challenge I continually face is the lack of real-world experience folx have with engaging in uncomfortable conversations. Far too many professional relationship and engagements falter and/or fail because folx practice avoidance, ex. passive aggression, deflection, being untruthful, over compensating, professional violence, retaliation, etc. by default. A world that reflects the supremacy, coercion, discrimination, and exploitation free future that we seek, requires us to reckon with many uncomfortable, internal and external, truths...this work must be done or we're just wasting our time while building a future of trauma; harm, and pain. In this session, I will give her advice for navigating uncomfortable and important workplace conversations that impact your professional and personal life.



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