Taking charge: how to own your career path

Navigating a career in tech can be challenging - there are a lot of opportunities, but it’s hard to know what path suits you best and how to make the most of the possibilities. If you’re unaware of how to take charge of your own career, it’s common to look to your company or manager to figure it out for you, and so you wait to be promoted. Too often, this strategy ends up with frustration and stagnation as you’re overlooked, or as the most obvious “up into management” path never materializes. In this talk, I’ll share how to take charge of your career path, figure out your unique strengths and make a business case for promotion. You'll learn how to get ahead as a professional even when management isn’t an option, or isn’t right for you. This talk will be focused on practical advice and steps you can take, wherever you might be on your career journey, to get ahead and build a rewarding and fulfilling career.