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Tara and ROS Big Adventure: Yes Robotics is for everyone

Friday, September 16, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Did you ever think about what's the new wave of technology that could change and help mankind? As an engineer, I’m always interested in the future and what technology can do to make this a better world. So like the famous adventurers Bill & Ted, and Arthur Dent & Ford Prefect, I have been on a journey for what's the next great tool for mankind. I think I found it! And no the answer is not 42, but I think it could be in Robotics.  Robotics are used in factories, in medicine, for underwater exploration, and to probe other planets in our solar systems, and hopefully one day solar systems out of our reach. In addition, robotic technology is helping people who have lost legs, arms, and other physical functions to thrive. Yes, it's more than just for vacuuming your carpet.  So, are you convinced? Yes? No? It's okay, you should still join me in this session where we will adventure into ROS (Robot Operating System) and learn how cool Robotics, with its emerging mix of AI/DL, IoT, Cloud, mechanical, and electrical engineering, really is.