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Unleashing the Power of the chatGPT API: A Developer's Guide to Building Your Own AI

Join us in exploring the transformative potential of the chatGPT API in the 2023 AI landscape. This session will guide you through building an AI-powered application, discussing practical use cases like natural language processing and virtual assistants. Gain insights on integrating chatGPT seamlessly into your projects, delve into machine learning basics, and understand the nuances of model fine-tuning. We'll also address the ethical considerations in AI, ensuring responsible application development. With hands-on demos and real-world examples, you can confidently harness chatGPT's capabilities for innovative and impactful AI solutions. Don't miss this chance to elevate your development journey.



Get your ticket to attend REFACTR.TECH 2023 for a day full of keynotes, tech sessions, and of course, parties!



Get your ticket to attend REFACTR.TECH in Atlanta, October 27 for a day full of keynotes, tech sessions and demos, and of course, parties! With topics ranging from software engineering to leadership to data and community, there’s something for everybody!