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Build the Next Generation of Web Apps With Angular

The web is changing and Angular is changing to meet developers needs of the modern developer. But how is Angular changing? What features are available to help you build the next generation of Angular web apps? Come to this session to learn how Angular is evolving to enable developers to build dynamic web applications across the web stack. Whether you are new to Angular or a seasoned Angular developer what I'm going to share will leave you excited about the future of web development with the platform. You'll find out why there has never been a better time to develop web apps with Angular.



Get your ticket to attend REFACTR.TECH 2023 for a day full of keynotes, tech sessions, and of course, parties!



Get your ticket to attend REFACTR.TECH in Atlanta, October 27 for a day full of keynotes, tech sessions and demos, and of course, parties! With topics ranging from software engineering to leadership to data and community, there’s something for everybody!