Jana Hart

(She/ Her)  Senior Engineering Manager, Clever 

Jana is a multi-faceted woman of many talents, but ultimately she is a storyteller, whether that is in the form of a software application, advocacy, writing, or gaming. She wrote software for over 25 years before become an Engineering Manager. She currently is focused on the Education Technology industry at Clever. She is a staunch LGBTQIA+ advocate in the workplace, with experience starting and running Pride employee resource groups. She has quite the penchant for the written word, in both poetry and prose. She has written dozens of poems, several short stories, and is currently working on her first high fantasy trilogy. As part of her writing, Jana has a blog where she talks about her journey as a trans woman, and the unique challenges presented to the LGBTQIA+ community. Cooperative storytelling is her favorite hobby, and Jana enjoys that most while running a table top roleplaying game with friends.