Teneika Askew

(She/ Her)  Group Product Director, Data Science & Analytics Enablement, US Navy 

Meet Teneika Askew, an Engineering and Analytics Visionary with a decade of expertise crafting innovative data-driven insights for Fortune 500 powerhouses. She transforms raw data into technical and strategic gold, wwhile also fostering pathways for others to step into technical roles and upskill. Teneika's unwavering mission is to amplify awareness of big data's potential, igniting countless opportunities for advancement in advanced analytics. Teneika's superpower? Unraveling complex challenges, whether it's in the commercial, nonprofit, or government realms, turning gaps into growth opportunities. Teneika currently serves as the Director of the Data Science and Analytics Enablements, where she is the Product Manager and Agile Coach for the Data Science as a Service portfolio that delivers Data Science, AI/ML solutions to transform the DoN by accelerating the delivery and adoption of Advanced Analytics and AI to achieve mission impact at scale. Teneika recently received the US Digital Leader Award from Globant's Women that Build Edition. Before this, she received the Values in Practice (VIP) award, the top recognition you can receive at Booz Allen, just 2 years into her career for her contributions and excellence in client service, philanthropy and consistently demonstrating Booz Allen values. She went on to support the launch of the Stem Girls for Social Good program, guiding SG4SG to receive two Booz Allen Excellence Awards and she personally received the WOC STEM Technology All Star Award.